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garage sale bargain hunting

board games two players

1. We got two new board games. One is Munchkin which we will try with some friends next weekend. The other is the Guilds expansion for Dominion. This expansion has a baker card which I was very excited about! (Cause I like baking) We may have played it four times this weekend already. Oops.

2. I was walking home from work the other day and these women had set up a little front yard stall of things they were cleaning out.  It was really cool just to see all the stuff they had accumulated over the years and get some of it for a bargain. I’m mostly excited for the tea pot. Because everyone needs a tea pot for their tea parties.

3. You know those cars that go past playing music super loud? I always wonder if they have their speakers facing outwards. It would look silly but it would be better for their ears…

4. When 3pm hits I like to go onto the SPCA website and look at all the animals up for adoption. We live in an apartment so the best I can do is try to keep plants alive. I can dream nonetheless. Recently they got puppies!!!

5. At the request of Luther (my boyfriend/flatmate/betterhalf) I will be slowing down.  Or you might have noticed that I have. Going for 9 blog posts a week may have been a bit foolish!

So my posting schedule will be as follows: Tuesday and Friday are projects on here, Sunday will be more lifestyle-y things on here, and Wednesday and Sunday are baking posts.

I think it will be a good balance of I want to do all the things and real life.

xo Isabel

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Day 23 – Make a Laurel

I must admit, I am a little embarrassed to show you how little I have done. But I’ve been stitching like a mad woman! This is 2 hours work so maybe I stitch super slowly? I’m not sure.

embroidered laurel

Sorry about the creases! I have been taking it to work to get some done on my lunch break.

I stitched the start of a laurel wreath thing. I am going to base it off the Leafy one of these. I realised how unpractised I was at stem stitch! I think it looks okay. It will look better when it is covered with leaves and things. I definitely need to practise it more though.

stem stitch split stitch up close

I haven’t forgotten that I promised a pattern… It is coming. I just haven’t decided whether or not to add flowers to it yet. We will see 🙂

xo Isabel

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Day 22 – Water your Gardens

This is my first time embroidering on proper embroidery fabric and I love it!!!

I normally just go for calico. Which is pretty thin and annoying with bright threads, and it stretches and buckles a lot.

You know the difference between washing your hair at home when you are already running late for work, and getting your hair washed at a salon where they give you a scalp massage and a cup of tea… That is the difference between calico and proper linen.

I don’t even know what this one is exactly but I am never going back.

Anyway, onto the stitching!

embroidery quote wall art

I picked a quote I like and have used split stitch (really good tutorial here) in a dark grey thread. Around the curved areas I kind of reversed the stem stitch, finishing each stitch by splitting the previous one. I found it made it a little easier.

Next I will be doing a leafy border… That and a pattern are coming soon.

xo Isabel

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Day 20 – Valentine’s Card

peanut butter and jelly card

This weekend I made some Valentines Cupcakes. They will be going live on my baking blog on Wednesday and if you can’t tell they are pb&j cupcakes. So I thought I would make a printable to go with it.

Print on A4 card stock and fold in half. It is easy peasy. And a little cute…

Download here.

xo Isabel

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Day 18 – Seal Part 1

recreate photo watercolour

I decided to do a watercolour based on one of my favorite photos. This is from a recent trip round the South Island of New Zealand. I was so excited to finally see a fur seal. This one has come closer than all the others and was just napping in the sun. It was so cute!

I have done one layer of watercolour. I think I’m going to do three or four. I’m not sure what to do to make the lines of the fur. I guess we’ll see 🙂

new zealand road trip kiwi

xo Isabel

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