Star Wars Gathered Skirt

Over the past couple of weeks I made a Star Wars skirt. I am a fan of the movies and when I saw the fabric at Spotlight I just couldn’t go past it! This skirt has been made following Gertie’s Pattern. I did make it a little shorter because I’m only 5’3” and a little wider because I like lots of gathers.

gathered skirt high waisted skirt star wars fabric

gathered skirt high waisted skirt star wars fabric

I put off making this for a month! Sometimes my sewing machine intimidates me. It is a heavy thing from the 60’s which is a pain when sewing in a shared space. And cutting pieces out is so final. I sit on projects for so long that I can’t go back and get the same fabric. On Thursday I just felt like I had to start. I wouldn’t let myself put it off anymore.

I created a little kit to go with my sewing machine. With everything in the one case I could just pull it out and sew – no digging through my various craft boxes.

I kept in there:
pinking shears (cause I’m lazy and don’t want to zigzag all my edges)
quick unpick (otherwise known as a seamripper)
2 extra machine needles
pincushion and pins
the fabric pieces
matching thread
the zip
tape measure
and my machine manual of course.

star wars skirt star wars clothes

I had a lot of fabric to gather into the waist so I did a very long running stitch and gathered it along the thread. This made pinning the gathers into the waistband so much easier!

The most difficult thing to do was inserting the zip because I made it more difficult for myself than it needed to be. I watched a whole lot of videos about it on youtube and we eventually got there…

I am so ready to wear this for Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

xo Isabel

P.S just looked up the release date and it is soooooo far far away!!

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