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quote years are short

purple flowers

vintage plates vintage crockery retro flowers


1. This week has been long and short at the same time. It does not feel like a week has gone past. I swear my alarm comes too soon. And bed time comes so late – there are so many things to do! We had a busy weekend. Parties and helping people move and board games with friends. Munchkin is great by the way. I would definitely recommend it.

2. We went without a vacuum cleaner for three weeks. Ours broke and for various reasons it was a little while before we had a new one. For starters, it was a bit gross. After finally cleaning the carpet the apartment felt transformed. It got me thinking of the little things that make me feel re-energised and a little more on top of things. Like having a clean apartment and having flowers/plants inside and pretty crockery and getting out into the sunlight and a good cup of tea and a full bookshelf and a well spent Sunday evening.

3. I’ve taken a little oath with myself. Thou shalt wear the many lipsticks one has decided to own. Or something similar spoken in a deep voice. I reached for my daily makeup bag and it was about the same size as the makeup bag of just lipsticks! This week I wore four of them and got over my fear of bright lipsticks… just a little bit. So three lipsticks a week, until I want to wear them all regularly. I have yet to wear a red to work. That will be the day that I know I am one of those people that wears lipstick and not a shambles masquerading as one of those people.

4. I went to a first birthday party this weekend and it was adorable!!! There are so many babies in my family now (oh my goodness there is 6!!) that I really need to get onto the baby crafts. I’m thinking baby quilts. What other crafts for babies (or mothers of babies) would you recommend?

5. Judging by the weather in Auckland I will probably be singing this song this week. Cause Sunday/Monday/Tuesday… morning rain is falling.

xo Isabel

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