Mini Terrarium Embroidery

cactus embroidery jar embroidery fern embroidery

I have this fascination with cacti and terrariums at the moment. I think they are a nice way to get a little garden inside and are generally pleasing to look at. Maybe I am just struggling with the lack of greenery in my inner city apartment.

Instead of getting some plants (like any rational person) I have embroidered some! I’m hoping to fill up this fabric with heaps of little plants and things that grow. It will hopefully delay a shopping spree at the local garden center.

This is a super quick and super cute little embroidery. It took me an hour while watching tv. So about 30-40 minutes of focus.

  • The fabric is a cream calico with a medium stiffness interfacing.
  • The green of the cactus is chain stitched around, and then rows of chain stitch vertically to fill up the space.
  • The yellow cactus flower is just satin stitch.
  • Everything else is split stitch.


Pattern coming soon!! Click here to download the pattern.


xo Isabel

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