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garage sale bargain hunting

board games two players

1. We got two new board games. One is Munchkin which we will try with some friends next weekend. The other is the Guilds expansion for Dominion. This expansion has a baker card which I was very excited about! (Cause I like baking) We may have played it four times this weekend already. Oops.

2. I was walking home from work the other day and these women had set up a little front yard stall of things they were cleaning out.  It was really cool just to see all the stuff they had accumulated over the years and get some of it for a bargain. I’m mostly excited for the tea pot. Because everyone needs a tea pot for their tea parties.

3. You know those cars that go past playing music super loud? I always wonder if they have their speakers facing outwards. It would look silly but it would be better for their ears…

4. When 3pm hits I like to go onto the SPCA website and look at all the animals up for adoption. We live in an apartment so the best I can do is try to keep plants alive. I can dream nonetheless. Recently they got puppies!!!

5. At the request of Luther (my boyfriend/flatmate/betterhalf) I will be slowing down.  Or you might have noticed that I have. Going for 9 blog posts a week may have been a bit foolish!

So my posting schedule will be as follows: Tuesday and Friday are projects on here, Sunday will be more lifestyle-y things on here, and Wednesday and Sunday are baking posts.

I think it will be a good balance of I want to do all the things and real life.

xo Isabel

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