Day 22 – Water your Gardens

This is my first time embroidering on proper embroidery fabric and I love it!!!

I normally just go for calico. Which is pretty thin and annoying with bright threads, and it stretches and buckles a lot.

You know the difference between washing your hair at home when you are already running late for work, and getting your hair washed at a salon where they give you a scalp massage and a cup of tea… That is the difference between calico and proper linen.

I don’t even know what this one is exactly but I am never going back.

Anyway, onto the stitching!

embroidery quote wall art

I picked a quote I like and have used split stitch (really good tutorial here) in a dark grey thread. Around the curved areas I kind of reversed the stem stitch, finishing each stitch by splitting the previous one. I found it made it a little easier.

Next I will be doing a leafy border… That and a pattern are coming soon.

xo Isabel

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