Day 14 – Pattern

I have something to confess… I took a day off.   Lately I have been feeling tired and uninspired. I was busy, getting little sleep, and disappointed at how my recent daily projects had gone. There isn’t really any excuse for it I just felt crappy. I’m still getting little sleep but am feeling a bit more invigorated. The real secret to getting back on the horse was picking something simple (did anyone else learn K.I.S.S. at school? Keep it simple, stupid!). I know it looks nothing the same, but these sheets have been on my mind since I first saw them three weeks ago. They made me think what is more simple than a basic repeating pattern? And also that can just look nice. I came up with this. cross stitch pattern basic I liked these colours together and although they don’t go with our apartment I would like to incorporate this piece somewhere (when finished). Metallic thread adds a nice bit of difference but can be soooo annoying to work with. Maybe getting some thread conditioner will make it easier? Threading the needle is the hardest part. easy beginners embroidery
I’ll keep up with this and show how it goes on.

xo Isabel

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3 thoughts on “Day 14 – Pattern

  1. Using metallic thread can be such a pain in the butt! I recently began a project that was going to be entirely metallic floss and it was a nightmare. It took me longer to stitch-rip the design than to complete only a few columns. I found using a single strand of floss helped, as well as a needle with a large eye & a threader.


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